The 2008 Board of Directors meeting for 10-10 International Net, Inc. was held in San Antonio, Texas on May 31, 2008.

As Treasurer of 10-10, I presented the annual financial report.  We had a busy day with a lot to discuss as always.

The following day, June 1, 2008 was the 20th Annual Hill Country Picnic held at the home of Jack K5CC.  In addition to great food and wonderful company, we enjoyed a nice opening on 10 meters prior to the "parking lot net".  I also was able to watch Allen N5AFV work several stations on the AO-27 satellite, using the 10-10 Club call sign W6OI.

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Gathering in front of the La Quinta Inn on Friday night.

Gerry, Cliff, and Jack enjoying their ribs.

Ken, Ann, and Leslie

Bob and Rob

Chuck, Esther, Mel, and Bob

Gary, Brad, and Larry

Gerry and the famous Tom's Ribs sauce

Tom's Ribs: Praise the Pig and Pass the Napkins

The meeting's not supposed to start until tomorrow guys!

It was past bedtime for some of us...but 10-10 never sleeps

Getting down to business on Saturday morning, bright and early

The room was just the right size

We had several visitors drop in during the day

10-10 is fun but sometimes it's serious business

Nice surprise to see our friend and former Board member Dave KA5OVO

Saturday night dinner at Mamacita's

It takes a lot of food to keep a hungry crowd of 10-10'ers happy

More showed up later

My portable psk setup in the room didn't work, the hotel internet blasted out too much noise

N0WY, this is WA2SUH....Larry working Editor Steve on 10m at the picnic

Jack's upstairs shack was full of people

Rob was popular with his Canadian call

I had fun working some old friends, and also some new ones

Brad logged quite a few

Many different ops kept the station busy

Must have been an interesting discussion

The weather was sunny, but the garage provided a nice shady spot to hang out

Plenty of good food

The line was long for the buffett

Jack's beam is on top of what appears to be a telephone pole

OK, now we have full tummies, back to the radio room

Allen working as W6OI Special Event on an AO-27 pass