On Saturday, August 25, the Repeater SIG met to do some antenna work.

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Front View of Repeater, Controller, and Duplexer

The repeater is a Kenwood TK-820 UHF commercial repeater. The Controller is a CAT-300DX. The Duplexer is a Vertex.

Another view of the repeater.

Dave KB7LMI checks it out.

Ted AA7HX and Jeff K2VNT offer their advice.

Dave KB7LMI and Keith KR7RK check out the repeater.

Dave KB7LMI and Jeff K2VNT checking the SWR.

"That thing is called an antenna mast..."

Before working on it.

Pushing the mast back up.

It had dropped quite a bit, causing slack in the guy lines and allowing the mast itself to bend.

Yes, the mast really is bent.

A litte bit straighter now.